A Phase Linear Series Two Audio Components brochure- of course not for sale.

Phase Buttons - thanks to PhaseTek !

Welcome to my Phase Linear (Lynnwood) Reference Page !

My name is Leolo Del Sol and I am a Phase Linear enthusiast living in the southern regions of Germany, near Frankfurt. From the beginning in the early seventies I was a fan of Bob Carver. As a music - enthusiast and later on a semi-pro Dj I understand very fast that only power from quality -Brands can push the Disco scene. Since the 12 " came to the market I was in it and I used my 700 II´s for parties at the university.
If you have found this site, you may be interested in classic audio components. Phase Linear Corporation was located at Lynnwood, Wa., USA and was a manufacturer of great american audio components. There is one major site in english language in the web you MUST know about:

1. http://hometown.aol.com/PhaseTek/ - this is the site of Dean and Ed, a former tech @ Phase Linear - this site seems to be down or temporally suspended !

2. http://www.phaselinearhistory.stereomanuals.com/ ... is back !

A full inventory of all ever-built Phase Linear units can be found here at phase-linear.info ONLY, since the site “phaselinearhistory.com” is no longer available. You can find some descriptions in english, taken from the former “phaselinearhistory” site of Anthony Edwards, which unfortunately is no longer available.